Sunday, June 24, 2012


You may not be able to defend yourself if you are not properly prepared. It requires constant practice to teach muscles to react without thinking in various situations. Martial artists call this mushin - to react without thinking. Because of violence in the Phoenix Valley, the Arizona School of Traditional Karate has developed a special clinic for private groups at a minimal price. This 2-hour clinic (for adults) will teach you the basics of self-defense - how to defend against common grabs, hair pulls, etc and how to use your knees, feet, elbows, hands and fingers for weapons. If you have car keys, you have a good weapon at hand - what other things do you have on your person, at work, home that are considered everyday tools that are useful as weapons? 

We teach serious self-defense techniques, but we all like to have a good
time teaching and training.
A simple touch in the right place can drop most
people with little effort.

After you are taught these simple, but effective techniques, then it is up to you to continue to practice them on your own or in a dojo setting. We call this our Personal Self-Defense Clinic. This is how it works - schedule a time for yourself and a minimum of five other people (friends, neighbors, relatives, etc.). Next, collect $25 from each person who plans to attend. Pay the group fee for the clinic, everyone will next need to sign a release of liability form, and then show up wearing clothes that are comfortable.

You will be amazed at what you can do to defend yourself and what things can be used as weapons.
We look forward to meeting you. Konnichi Wa.

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